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Smoking whores and women turn me on

I will inform to you re: my experiences with sex in Budapest. I am a salesman and have to travel worldwide and frequently in India too. My job requires imparting training to various personnel. My wife who is not of my caste is very rigid and also does not allow me to lick her pussy and she does not give me frenchie. She gives straight sex to me. I have always believed that variety is life of spice, be with wife, be it my job or anything else.

After sucking her boobs I watch to her. She took me in hug and came over me. Now it was her turn and she started removing my clothes. She was kissing me wildly on my chest and now I was only in my underwear. She kissed my dick from outside the underwear. After some time as she removed my underwear my dick came out just like a spring. She got mad by watching it and started sucking it. She did it for two or three minutes. Now she said me with hurry and hard breaths, “Tumne kabhi chut nahi dekhi na. Dekhna chahoge?” She showed me the way towards her vagina. I went inside her ghaghara and started sucking her panty and my both hands were massaging her thighs. Her fingers were on my head from out side the ghaghra. I removed her panty and started sucking her cunt with tongue and sucked it for about 20 minutes and she got her first orgasm in my mouth. Now I removed her ghaghra also and stretched the lips of her vagina with both the hands. I was watching reddish skin inside her vagina. As I stretched it too much she gave a loud moan and then requested me, “Ab mujse nahi raha jata, tum please chodo na muje.” Her face was looking too horny and I also had became impatient.

As I entered my dick in her she shouted like she was being fucked for the first time. She told me that her husband had been advised by doctor not to fuck because of an accident since last 7 months and moreover she had been used to be fucked by a small, thin dick and my dick was too big for her. Then I slowly entered my dick in her cunt. She still had a bit pain but she looked satisfied. Her cunt had became very wet and that increased my speed. I started fucking her with very high speed and her moaning became very loud. After about 15 minutes I unloaded myself into her and laid over her. I went to the bathroom and when I came back I watched her lying naked on the bed with closed eyes. Though I had fucked her recently, that scene erected my dick again and I jumped on her. She denied this time but as I started kissing and pressing her breasts she got ready for second round.

This time my aim was her asshole. First she opposed and said that it would be very painful but she could not control herself too long and I got a chance enter my dick in her ass. I applied a bit cream on my dick and performed the task and then we slept in each others hug. In the morning while she came out of bathroom taking bath she was in a towel only, and that led us towards another fucking. Then after for the whole year I went her home one hour before my tuition time and we satisfied each other.