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I still kept showing confusion on my face and she was 100% sure about my ignorance and innocence in this field. She got tired explaining me theoretically. She told me fingering her self that, “See, I am a woman and I can get excited even if you slowly kiss me on my lips or neck or any where on my face.” (Now she desperately wanted to explain me so I might not notice what escort was telling me.) She asked me if I would like to try. I went near her and she stood up and then I kissed her on her escort directory. She smiled and that encouraged me. I started kissing her neck taking her in my hug. In the beginning I kissed her slowly as she said me but then I became a bit faster. I pressed her in my hug and she was still smiling with a sexy smile. Now I looked in her eyes and slowly began to go nearer to him and slowly put my lips on her silvering lips and began to suck them. I kissed her for about 15 minutes and during that I didn’t touched her breasts by hand because I didn’t want to let her know my intention. As we finished kissing she went a bit far from me and again that smile came on her face. She asked, “Have you felt excitement?” I said yes and asked her the same. She said, “Yes I also got little excited.” I asked, “Not full excitement ma’am?” She said, “The excitement can increase still more.” I asked, “Can I also get more excited? and if yes then how?” Escort said, “By breasts or vagina-by touching and sucking them.” Then she asked shyly, “Would you like to touch my breasts?” When I replied positively she said, “Then what are you waiting for! Come on.”

I went nearer to her and again hugged her. I slipped her saree from her shoulder and touched her breasts (inside her blouse) very slowly. As I was very fond of her gully I asked her if I could see her gully. She agreed with smile and bent a bit. I was not satisfied and I bent her a bit more. My dick was getting rock hard and with her permission I placed my finger in her gully and made it going in and out. I could see her getting excited. Then after some time she stood up straight and again I began to touch her blouse, this time a bit faster and my lips were busy with French kissing. I slowly started squeezing her breasts and I took her nipple in my fingers and started pressing them. She started moaning now. I brought my lips down to her boobs, took her nipples in my mouth. Now she had her fingers in my hairs and her eyes were closed. I gathered a bit courage and started unhooking her blouse. As I unhooked one button of her blouse she requested me not to do that but as I sucked her nipples with much more pressure she could not oppose me. I slowly un hooked her blouse. Her white bra was in front of me. She had such big breasts that could not be totally hold by her bra. I in a fraction removed her bra and there her big boobs were in front of me. She had light brown nipples which were erected about 1 cm due to excitement. She pressed my head between her breasts.